1949 Cotone Italy Elastan Blusa Donna 97 In Bianco Humility Mod Made Ha8010 3
  1. Made 3 Donna Bianco Humility Blusa Ha8010 Cotone Elastan Mod 1949 In Italy 97 /
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  3. Bianco 97 Elastan Italy 1949 Humility In Cotone Blusa Ha8010 Made Donna 3 Mod wn7ddF8XPq

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Year of production
This table designed by architect Mario Bellini in 1976 has a simple sculpted base, a diagonal intersection of three legs with square cross section, which supports a Ø 165 cm table top, bound together by strong joints carved directly from the solid wood, the utmost expression of Cassina’s wood craftsmanship.
The base is made from natural ash with walnut or black stain, natural walnut, walnut-stained walnut or Canaletto walnut with a glass surface; the natural ash, natural walnut and walnutstained walnut bases can have the surface in the same wood. La Rotonda also exists as a low side table with a Ø 125 cm top only in glass with base in natural or black stained ash, natural walnut or Canaletto walnut.



Frassino naturale / Natural ashwood
Vestir Para De Pericoli Sandalias Osvaldo Mujer F1POfZqwx
Frassino tinto nero / Ashwood stained black
Frassino tinto noce / Walnut stained ashwood
Noce canaletto / American walnut
Noce tinto noce / Walnut stained walnut
Mod Elastan Blusa In Donna Humility 3 Bianco Cotone Ha8010 Made 97 1949 Italy

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    In Bianco 3 Italy Blusa Elastan Mod 97 1949 Donna Cotone Humility Made Ha8010
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Elastan Humility Italy Blusa In Donna 3 Bianco Mod Made 1949 97 Cotone Ha8010
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1949 97 3 Ha8010 Donna Elastan Mod Made Italy In Cotone Bianco Blusa Humility